Buying a Business

Buying a Business with Murphy Business

Murphy Business is┬áNorth America’s leading┬ábusiness broker having affiliations with National and International Business Brokerage and Merger & Acquisition associations. These connections help reveal the greatest opportunities to buyers. The benefits from choosing Murphy Business as your partner reach beyond what a local real estate or business sales firm can offer.

Steps on Buying a Business

Murphy Business provides assistance to buyers throughout every step of the buying process to match you with the optimal purchase. The experienced business brokers who have owned or managed a business in the past will help you through the buying process. Murphy Business works with buyers to engage them in a comprehensive Business Search. Our network provides access to thousands of business for sale many of which are not released to the public, in turn allowing the most aggregate view of possibilities.

Once a prospective business is identified, our valuation professionals provide buyers a fair market value for the business to ensure you are receiving the maximum value for your dollars spent. Our banker connections will assist in arranging traditional financing if needed.

Murphy Business helps connect buyers and sellers daily and pilot them through the entire buying process. We will customize your search to present you the most suitable businesses.

It is estimated that over 65% of all companies will be sold or ownership will be transferred over the next 5-7 years. This is the result of the Baby Boomer generation reaching retirement and wanting to liquidate their holdings. In some cases, this will only involve succession planning between parents and children who will take over the family business, in others it will involve the outright sale.

Many people want to own their business for the following reasons:

  • Independence: Many people see owning a business as an opportunity to control their own destiny. They can be their own boss, create a work-life balance that is more enjoyable and work with people they chose.
  • Financial Independence: Other people see owning a business as an opportunity to gain financial independence. The business is a means to create wealth in their life and to provide them with a means to achieve their personal objectives.
  • Buy a Job: For many baby boomers today, economic conditions have forced or allowed people to leave corporate life to pursue business opportunities that allow them to maintain or grow their income.
  • Income Stream: Others buy businesses rather than invest in the market because they can create an income stream that, in some fashion, they can influence. They may not be involved in day-to-day operations but might instead simply be an investor. As an investor and more importantly as a controlling investor, they can have significant impact on the development of the business. In these cases, we see the investor owner as bringing in particular business skills that can give leverage to the existing business (ie financial or technical knowledge or vertical industry experience).